Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming Up: PROject proJECT 2012

by Amanda Agricola

After the sun retreats behind the Blue Ridge Mountains on Friday, October 5, Market Street and Norfolk Avenue will undergo a transformation via light, sound, per formance, and sculpture. PROject proJECT is providing a night of projection and light based art works, free of admission. The Taubman Museum and its art works will be sound asleep while the exterior walls come to life with light-works of all shapes and kinds splattered across them. A dark alley is the perfect place to witness a colorful light painting demonstration. You can view the exhibit of CJ Yunger‘s light paintings in the Liminal Gallery beginning at 5:00 PM on the same day located at Community High School. Find a cozy spot under the Williamson Road overpass and watch a reel of video works sent all the way to us, special for PROject proJECT, from the CAZ collective in Cornwall, U.K.

PROject proJECT will feature works by the following artists: Brian Counihan, CJ Yunger, Doug Marion, Justin Lincoln, Ben Lerchin, Simone Patterson, Ralph Eaton, Jim Leftwich, John Wilson, Mateo Marquez, Amanda Agricola, Annie Waldrop, Matt Ames, Julia Schneider, Lance Smith, Rhonda Morgan & Viki, Tomislav Butkovic, Warren Fry, Abigail Humpherys, Olchar Lindsann, Tif Robinette, Sara Burch, the Winston O. Link Museum, and many more.

For general information, videos from the last PROject proJECT, and a full listing of the artists and their projects, visit the event's website at

(This article was originally published in the September/October issue of VIA Noke Magazine.)