Monday, December 3, 2012

The MAF is coming!

by Warren Fry

Don’t be a chicken! Be a part of the 2013 Marginal Arts Festival on March 28th – 30th in Downtown Roanoke. Our usual six day festival has now been condensed into a bite sized, three day spectacle of radical arts and culture. We’ve also moved the festival back to late March in search of warmer climes.  It’s a leaner, meaner, speedier marathon of art events!  See marginal favorites like the MAF Parade, Absurdist Street Carnival, Vaudeville Night, and avant-garde performance events alongside new and unprecedented extravaganzas.

The Marginal Arts Festival, founded by a group of teachers at Roanoke's Community High School, has been nurturing and developing a place for radical art for the past six years. Each year, many local, regional and international artists band together to form a strong and stimulating festival that provides an opportunity for everyone to join in on the fun, to be intellectually challenged, and to discover new and innovative creative forms.

Come see experimental performance, visual art, music, writing, film and other creative mediums existent beyond the mainstream of arts and culture, blurring the edges of indie, punk, fringe and alternative art. So, be prepared for the absurd, the audacious, and the ludicrous! While putting the spot light on new ideas and discoveries in the arts, we also focus on historically marginal art, such as Dada and Fluxus. The Marginal Arts Festival gives an opportunity to view local culture through a global lens: sometimes rebellious, always thought-provoking and boundary-breaking.

Look for further updates in VIA Noke to be a part of the excitement. For more information visit and

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